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DIY Kitchens - Worktops

With the kitchen worktop you have a wide variety of materials to choose from. However, this article is centred around the laminate worktop as they’re the easiest to install and extremely popular around the UK.

For other worktop variations, such as granite or stainless steel, you’ll need to have professional fitters in as the task will be much trickier and there’ll be a higher risk factor.

It’s a rewarding job to replace your worktop, but remember it’s a two man task as worktops can be extremely heavy and you need the support of a partner.

Before starting on the fitting, ensure to have all the suitable tools you’ll need, including:

Masking tape
Silicone sealant (best colour match)
Contact adhesive
Variable speed jigsaw
Laser circular saw
Two saw horses
Protective eyewear
Dust mask

Stage 1 – The overhang

To have a worktop finish that’ll be both professionally and aesthetically pleasing, it’s important to have an even overhang. For cabinets of 560mm you’ll often have a 40mm overhang.

Position your worktop where you’d like it to be seated, with a desirable overhang accounted for and ensure to push it up against the wall. With masking tape, create an edge along the wall side of the worktop and use a compass point to draw the wall’s exact shape.

Stage 2 – Cutting the worktop rear

Position your marked worktop onto one of the saw horses and use the jigsaw to cut the rear of the worktop to shape. Remember to mark the end for trimming off.

Stage 3 – Attaching the brackets

In most instances you’ll find the base units are attached to worktops with triangular corner brackets. Attach the brackets to your base units and secure them into place with a screwdriver.

Stage 4 - Applying edging

The edging is often supplied with the worktops, but you can find a close enough match in many home improvement stores around the country. The edging is reasonably simple to fit, by applying adhesive to the reverse of the strip and sticking to the worktop’s edge. Remember to leave a slight overhang, which can then be filed down to ensure a great finish.

Stage 5 - Applying the sealant

The final stage is to apply sealant along the worktop’s butting edges and stick the surface to your base units. Then you can stand back and admire your DIY handiwork.

Of course, sometimes kitchen worktops aren’t as simple as this, so always be prepared to call in the experts if you’re not up to the task or you have a tricky installation.

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