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Conservatories for Difficult Sites

On this page I will give you a few tips, and suggestions, for overcoming the most frequent design difficulties. This is not a comprehensive list of solutions. If you have a particularly difficult site and some questions that are not answered here you may like to use our "Your Questions" page, I will try my best to answer any particular queries there.

Here are a few suggestions for people with limited height restrictions, this is usually bungalow owners (but not always).

A low eaves height doesn't mean that you cannot have a conservatory!

Using a "Fascia Fix" design option means that almost all lean-to models can be converted to fit a bungalow or similar low eaves situation at a modest cost. Please see photograph on this page for a clearer view.


I always recommend that you replace your existing fascia or soffit in PVCu at the same time as fitting the conservatory. Additionally it is important to check that roofing felt under the tiles is in good condition and replaced if necessary. If this is not done then you may experience leaks through your soffit once your conservatory is in place.


As using a fascia fix option almost always means you have a problem with your maximum ridge height then obviously there will be a problem with eaves height, especially the larger the projection (the eaves height is the height you have available at the front where the gutter is). For this reason I do not recommend a projection exceeding 2800mm on fascia fix, although if there is no particular height restriction then there are roofing bars that can project as much as 4000mm without any mid supports. If the eaves height is lower than might be liked it is often a good idea to fit doors on the side where there will be more room rather than on the front of the conservatory.

If you wish for something other than a lean-to and have a low eaves height then there are two main options.

No 1 Create a Gable

This option involves building a gable onto your existing roof and then having your conservatory come off the new gable - which is now at a height which accepts normally pitched roofs. The photographs on this page give you a guide to how this is done. However if you would like a more comprehensive explanation please click

No 2 Create a Box Gutter

If the first method is not preferred or practical then the second method, which is to use a box gutter system will almost certainly work. Box gutters are most frequently constructed in box section aluminium or alternatively in hardwood. The principle of a box gutter is to have a structure which is strong enough to support a roof rafter attached to it whilst at the same time also being strong enough to fix off securely to either a fascia or existing house wall. Sometimes it is also necessary to support the box gutter from underneath. This can be done by a brick pier or alternatively by a specially constructed bracket. I have included on this page a photograph of a bracket support for a box gutter.  If you would like to see more views of a conservatory using a box gutter you may also like to visit my "
Conservatory Project" page.

image is loading...

PVCu Victorian Style Conservatory fitted onto bungalow by means of a Box Gutter.
Our thanks to Ultraframe PLC for the use of this photograph.

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Lean-to Style conservatory fitted to a Fascia
image is loading...
Close up of Fascia Fix detail
 image is loading...
 Close up view of conservatory fitting against gable
Internal view of box gutter on a PVCu conservatory
image is loading...
Bracket support for a box gutter
image is loading...
The completed conservatory - fixed against the recently built new gable
image is loading...
External view of box gutter on a PVCu conservatory

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